Keyword density analyzer tool

Before your pages will be indexed by search engines among other things the content of each page will be rated in respect of the keywords used on the particular page. One part of the on-page optimization is, that the keywords or phrases for which you want to be ranked on the search results, are used in the text. While the process of optimization you can use the keyword density as an evaluation criterion. The checker you can find on our website, is counting the occurencies of single keywords, 2- and 3-word-phrases and the ten most frequently used keys will be displayed in a table – with the relative frequency of occurrence. You can use the analyzer tool in two different ways.


If your website will be served by Wordpress you can use the keyword-tool as a plugin which can display the generated statistics in the edit-post-form. Among checking the frequency of used keywords it is able to generate meta-description and the meta-keywords automatically. Moreover you can set an individual page title for each post or page, the robots-meta-informations will be handled and the canonical url will be embedded at the header of each post. On Wordpress-Plugin you can find more information about this checker-tool. Here you can also download the statistics tool – which meanwhile has been grown to a complete SEO plugin containing all essential features – for your own Wordpress installation.

If you are already using another SEO plugin for serving meta informations with your Wordpress blog you don't need the SEO part of the keywords statistics plugin. In this case you can use the keyword density checker which does the keyword density analysis only. The output of the plugin can be used to keep an eye on the pages content to reach the needed densities for keys and phrases. Usual page requests don't need any extra code to be executed.


There is a second way to use the keyword checker tool written in javascript. This way is independent of the webserver and uses ajax-requests for downloading the content of the page for which the keyword-densities shall be calculated. You don't need anything but activated javascript in your browser. It is implemented as a bookmarklet so you can save it in your bookmark-collection. Because of the script-size it can not be saved completely in your browser application. The needed script will be downloaded automatically when you click on the bookmarklet. Kindly note that the script will take some time especially if the statistics analyzer has to check pages with a lot of content.