Keyword Density Checker Plugin for Wordpress Blogs

This wordpress plugin is a SEO checker tool to keep track of the content – written text – of a single page or post. With it you can check if the keywords you want to optimize your page or post for has been used in the desired frequency on the single web page. The keyword density is an indicator for the relevance of a page for a specific keyword or phrase.

The keyword density checker plugin can be used for informational purposes only. It is automatically calculating the keyword densities of the pages or posts content. Among that a keywords meta suggestion can be used to get a list of the most frequently used keywords.

This is a branch of the keyword statistics plugin. It is only calculating the keyword density for single and 2-/3-word keyphrases. Different from the statistics plugin, the density checker is running at your blogs backend only. No code will be executed while regular page requests.

Features of this Plugin



Options page of the keyword density checker
Administration page of the keyword density plugin

Post-/page-edit additions of the keyword density checker tool
Additional box with the keyword densities at post-/page-edit