Keyword-density bookmarklet

The keyword analyzer bookmarklet generates statistical information about the text displayed on a single page. It can be used to calculate the keyword-density for single- 2- and three-word keywords and keyphrases. First of all the tool is reading the content of a page and after that it is counting the used words and phrases. After that a list of the ten most frequently used words and phrases will be displayed together with the number of thier occurencies and the density they are used (quantity in relation to the total number of words used in the text).

Moreover the analyzer-tool will display some meta-information from the head-part (robots, keywords, canonical, description and the page-title) of the analyzed page. Some statistical information like number of used words, the content language and the quantity of used stopwords will be displayed too. Based on keyword-statistics calculated by the bookmarklet the tool suggests the eight most commonly used single word keys. If you are creating a new page and still have not set the keyword-meta-tag you can use the words for your keywords-tag.

Because of the scriptsize it will automatically be downloaded from our webserver. After that the script will be started and the results will be displayed in a div-layer, which overlaps the page content. The script is written in javascript so you have to allow the execution of javascript-code by activating it in your browser-configuration.

Adding and using the bookmarklet

Right-click and choose add to bookmarks or simply drag and drop the link below into your bookmarks / favourites. You can use this bookmarklet on any website you visit by opening the website you want to check. After that just click on your bookmark. Please notify that it may take some time to calculate the keyword-density – especially on pages with a large amount of content.

Keyword Statistics Bookmarklet