Keyword-Statistics-Plugin for Wordpress

With this Wordpress-Plugin authors can get real-time-statistics for the keywords and keyphrases (2- and 3-word-phrases) while writing a page or a post. The statistics are displayed as a block in the edit-page of your Wordpress-Blog. Optionally you can filter the content by a language-specific stopword-list. It generates tables with informations about the words/phrases used in the text more than one time, the number of occurrences and the various keyword-densities.

Moreover the statistics-plugin is automatically generating meta-informations for the bots of search-engines. The most commonly used keywords will be extracted from the text and is used as a list of the keywords-meta-tag. This list can be used to set the meta-keywords automatically or it can be assumed as a suggestion. Moreover the plugin is using the keyword-list to get a part of the text as meta-description – the most frequent word will always be the first word of the description and will be followed by some other.

Features of this Plugin

  • Checks the content automatically by time-interval or after clicking a button for often used words and phrases
  • 1 to 10 most common used words or keyphrases can be displayed
  • Stopwords for different languages will be ignored (the plugin comes with brazilian portoguese, dutch, english, german and turkish wordlist)
  • Calculation of the keyword- and 2- and 3-word keyphrase-density
  • Automatic generation of a keywords-list and a description for each post and page based on the content
  • Generation of additional meta-informations like canonical urls for pages, posts and content aggregations
  • Output of index- and follow-meta-information for controlling robots (admin user can set the default-values for single posts and pages and one for all types of text-aggregations)
  • Sitewide control of ODP, Yahoo! Directory and ARCHIVE meta (archiving of content by search engines like google and
  • Additional input field in edit-dialog for an individual page-title which will be used instead of the one generated by wordpress
  • Administrator can prevent ordinary authors from manual editing keyword-list and/or description, from changing the content-language, switching off the stopwords-filter and setting a own value for the title

The Wordpress-Plugin comes with a configuration-page for the administrator, who can change default-values for the language, switch the status of the keyword-filter and set-up the user-interface for authors. You can make the fields for the page-description and the meta-keywords editable for normal authors or let the tool generate these informations so they can bring the writing into focus. Administrators can always change the suggested values and settings for the robots (index and follow presettings; for both aggregations and pages). Wordpress only serves embedded meta-description and the used keys, if these values could be extracted by the plugin for a specific article.



Administration panel of the wordpress plugin
Admin panel

Additional input fields and statistical informations about the content at edit-post/page dialog
Post/page edit panel